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Slam Trucking LLC optimizes orientation process, reduced to single day

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Slam Trucking has reduced orientation to just one day!

How did we do it?! Great question!

We're able to make it possible through the combination of constant communication, motivation from both sides, and electronic signatures on things such as applications and contracts. Using this solution, we are able to complete a large portion of the onboarding paperwork and process remotely, before you ever come into our office. The single day in office is to finalize the orientation process and get you on the road and to your first load!

So now you may be asking - What exactly can I be expecting to do during that one day of orientation? Oh boy, I’m glad you asked!

I’ll break it down in 4 parts:

  • First, you’ll sit down with safety - go over how to handle tough situations, who to call & when, your permit book layout, the company directory, the different departments and their roles, and so on.

  • Second, the Fleet department will come in to go over the ins and outs of the Samsara (the e-log device we run with) - how to change your status, how to check your remaining hours, how to change between team logins, how to submit your logs to DOT during a roadside inspection, etc.

  • Third, the Accounting department will come in to sit down with you and review how the pay period is set up, how to submit BOLs, when to submit BOLs, when to mail in BOLs, how to mail in BOLs, what exactly is needed on the BOLs, and more along those lines.

  • Fourth and finally, you’ll sit down for a final Q&A session - here is where you’ll want to ask any and all questions you may have, this is the time! (Of course, you can always call in later if you forgot to ask a question)

At Slam Trucking, we are in the business of moving freight so we understand the necessity of as little downtime as possible. In the trucking industry, time is money! We know that the longer we are sitting, the less we are able to profit each week. This is why we made it our priority to reduce our orientation to just one day, so we can get you out on the road faster where you want to be!

Call a recruiter today see how you can get set up for orientation and to your first load faster!

We work with Owner Operators and Company Drivers - we have freight for both!


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